Stranger, you aimed for, but langed on this page. What happened?

I stumbled upon a while ago when it was already down for maintenance. Later, the domain became vacated. So I was never able to use it myself.

As someone who does ad optimization for his own and clients websites, I am still intrigued by using the ad and category filter to improve AdSense performance.

What was all about? provided a list of MFA (Made for AdSense) or LCPC (Low Cost per Click) sites that delivered low paid ads through AdSense to your site. You could then import this list into your AdSense account in order to block the ads. As a result, you could increase your AdSense earnings.

Just an example:

Imagine you have 1,000 clicks per day and a CPC (cost per click) of $0,02. Increasing the CPC to just $0,04 would double your income and result in an extra $20 per day.

The community on reviewed thousands of such urls and the success stories I read really made my believe that it made an impact to block them.

How can I detect low paying ads? was a community site where everyone could submit a url of a low paying advertiser and have it been reviewed by other users. Even though the community doesn’t exist, you can still detect and block low paying ads manually.

The explanation comes from Emir Pilavdzic, the original founder of

If you are a webmaster running Adsense on your own website, you’ve probably seen google ads with text like “We have found 4 best products for …”, or “Best resources on net for …”. Well in most cases, these advertisers pay you only between $0.01 to $0.03 per click, depending on your site PR (Page Rank), traffic and page views. So detecting them is very simple. If you visit them (DO NOT CLICK ON YOUR OWN ADS) and see more ads than content, then you certanly got a winner.

What will happen with

I just decided to purchase this domain and don‘t know yet what I am going to do with it. It is very likely that I am going to create a service or tool of some kind, but not take the approach with a forum like it was originally on

I am definitely going to dig deeper into the topic of blocking urls in AdSense and also write about my tests and findings.

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    1. Thomas Maier Article Author

      Hi Arnel, unfortunately, the offer from was cancelled by the previous owner. I had a chat with them and decided that I will not be able to provide such an offer in the near future. I also wanted to test this method manually first and it was too much work for just a few cents in gains. I think, AdSense became better in sorting out low performing ads by themselves, but am open to be proved wrong.