I moved my site from a hosted solution on to a custom domain in order to make it easier for my site visitors to easily catch up with what my blog is all about.

I have a hosted adsense account which I got through my youtube account. after getting approved for the adsense account via my youtube account I add the new url to my list of sites in my adsense account (that was before i got my custom domain and point it to my blog) and the ads starts showing in my sidebar and posts but after redirecting the .blogspot url to the custom domain via my blogger address tool and in my godaddy dashboard, ads stopped showing and all I am seeing are blank space where the ads are supposed to be showing.

When I found out the ads stopped showing, I added the new url to my list of site with that of youtube but still the ads aren’t showing.

Please note that i am using a thirdparty template right now and not the ones provided by blogger.


If you look at your site through the error console of your browser, you might see an 403 error for the url requested by the ads. This means your ads are not approved yet.

The approval of an AdSense account does not automatically include your hosted domain. If you requested the approval of your own domain, you are asked to include ads into your site, so AdSense can review it. This can take a few days to over a week.

The only thing you can do now is to check if your ad code is inserted correctly. Just compare the code you got from AdSense with the code your browser displays.

As hard as it is, you must be patient now.

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