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BlockAlyzer is a plugin for the content-management-system WordPress. With BlockAlyzer, bloggers, publishers and website owners can determine the amount of visitors using an adblock plugin for their browsers to block advertisements from being displayed. The higher the share of visitors with adblock, the lower your income from display advertisements per visitor. In addition to your own stats you can compare the numbers with other sites. This helps you to determine whether your site has a relatively high or low adblock rate and act accordingly.

BlockAlyzer is deprecated. The ad block counter and more ad block related features are now part of our Advanced Ads plugin. Click here for more information.

Why BlockAlyzer

There is a regular discussion on using adblock plugins. Publishers, especially those producing content and earning from display advertisements, more and more ask theirs adblock-using visitors directly to deactivate their adblocker. Some websites with confirmed rates of over 50% of adblock visitors see a high potential of income in such a request. On the other side, people who are using adblock justify it with ad-overloaded websites, popups or even malicious banner types.

As publishers, we are affected by adblock ourselves. Anyway, before acting and spending lots of ressources on this topic, we wanted to know if we really have a problem with adblock and how big its impact on our income really is. To measure the amount of adblock users on our platforms, we created BlockAlyzer for WordPress. The plugin does two important jobs:

  1. Measure the amount of visitors with adblock enabled devided into unique visitors and page impressions
  2. Compare the results with other sites

For our own sites we had results between 4% and 65% depending on topic and language. These results enable us to prioritize our actions to these sites, where adblock really is a problem. The stats even help us to determine a better strategy than just asking nicely.

Download BlockAlyzer

BlockAlyzer was first released in June 2013 and is constantly updated when bugs occur. You can download it from