This is the getting started guide of the BlockAlyzer plugin for WordPress. There isn’t much to do here, but still please read it carefully before using the plugin.

BlockAlyzer is deprecated. The ad block counter and more ad block related features are now part of our Advanced Ads plugin. Click here for more information.

At first, please download BlockAlyzer from and upload the files into your plugin directory or simply search for BlockAlyzer under Plugins > Install in your WordPress admin.

BlockAlyzer SettingsSet up basic statistic method

After installation of the plugin there is a new element under your settings menu called BlockAlyzer. Please visit this page.

Choose at least the basic stat method to enable the plugin and see first results under Tools > AdBlock Stats.

BlockAlyzer stat methods

If you want to compare your data with the data of similar websites, you need to fill in your site’s category. Otherwise, you can compare only with the overall data.

BlockAlyzer settings page with benchmark category choice

BlockAlyzer AdBlock Stats TabAnalyzing your statistics

Under Tools > AdBlock Stats you can see the results from the basic statistics method and also compare your data with others.

The results are seperated by unique visitors and page views showing you the relative and absolute numbers for both.

Comparing your data

BlockAlyzer compare dataWith just one click you can compare your data with others. If you specified a site topic, you will receive two data sets; one with general data for your locale and one for your sites topic.

Please be aware of some limitations

You can compare your data every 3 yours. The last data set you received is being saved.

You can only compare data 24 hours after the installation or your last data reset and your site needs at least 20 visits and page views each with at least 1 visitor with AdBlock enabled.