BlockAlyzer is deprecated. The ad block counter and more ad block related features are now part of our Advanced Ads plugin. Click here for more information.


BlockAlyzer was developed to work on rather large pages with more complex setups. Anyway, there might be some issues I didn’t discover. Please use the forum on to ask for support.


BlockAlyzer perfectly works with Cache. Anyway, you should flush the cache once the plugin is installed or else the frontend code to measure adblock users wouldn’t be included.


BlockAlyzer uses a file called advertisement.js to determine, if an adblocker is being used. If you use a plugin to minify your javascript files, you should exclude this file (or the handle adblock-counter-testjs) from being minified or at least being attached with the others. Else, it might happen that the adblocker is preventing  all the javascript files from being loaded.

Multilingual and Multisite

If you are running a multilingual WordPress Multisite (aka Network) chances are, the language BlockAlyzer gets from your blog is not the language your blog is written in. A similar problem occurs when you have a multilingual WordPress using a plugin like WPMU or qtranslate. There will soon be a solution for the first situation, but I am open for suggestions about the second one.

other Plugins

Problems and issues with other plugins.

CSS-JS-Booster: this plugin hasn’t been updated a very long time. Deactivate it or use another minify plugin that allows you to set exceptions (see Minify)