Unsure, if AdBlocker are a problem for you? BlockAlyzer for WordPress helps you to determine the amount of visitors that block advertisements on your website. This tour gives you an overview of the features.

BlockAlyzer is deprecated. The ad block counter and more ad block related features are now part of our Advanced Ads plugin. Click here for more information.

Number of AdBlock users

See statistics of your AdBlock users in the admin panel. The amount of AdBlock users is devided into page views and unique users. Thus, you might get an idea if ad blocking users are your most active users or just passing by.

BlockAlyzer statistics data

Compare your data

Knowing your own amount of AdBlock users is already nice, but is it bad or good compared to similar sites? To answer this question, we included the benchmark feature. This allows you to compare your numbers with other sites with your language and/or topic. If you are lucky, your numbers are below the benchmark data. Otherwise, you might thing about taking some action.

BlockAlyzer Benchmark

Dashboard Widget

The Dashboard Widget show the most important stats and links to the main functions of the BlockAlyzer plugin.

blockalyzer dashboard widget

Simple options

BlockAlyzer creates a new settings page to let you choose between different methods to count your ad blocking visitors. Great features will be coming soon. Choose the topic of your website to compare your data with similar sites.

BlockAlyzer settings page

You can download or/and install BlockAlyzer from wordpress.org.