If you are just starting to monetize your website and wondering how to use AdSense, you came to the right place. The following tutorial contains a detailed explanation on how to create a new AdSense banner to use it on your website. It also contains detailed explanation and best practices for all the options. Let’s get started!

Create a new ad unit in Google AdSense

The very first step to create a new ad unit in your AdSense account is to click on the button New ad unit which is located under the tab My ads on the Ad units page.


Then you have to give your ad unit a name. I’d suggest that the name helps you to remember exactly what this ad unit is about and where you place it on your website. I use the following form while giving a name to the ad unit:

website | placement | ad format


webgilde.com | below main menu | medium rectangle

The first part is the name of the website, of course you can skip this if you have only one website. The second part of the name describes where you place the ad unit. And finally the third part of the name is the ad format or ad size you chose for this ad unit (Leaderboard, Medium Rectangle etc.).


Choose the right ad size

The next step is to choose an appropriate ad size. Click on the field Showing and choose one of the following options: Recommended, Horizontal banner, Vertical banner, Rectangular, Responsive, Custom size or Link ads.


  • Recommended – lists several ad sizes recommended by AdSense. It is the collection of the ad sizes that potentially earn you the most.
  • Horizontal Banner – the recommended banners in this group are Leaderboard and Large Mobile Banner.


Horizontal Banner

  • Vertical Banner – the recommended banner in this group is the Large Skyscraper.


Vertical Banner

  • Rectangular – there are two recommended rectangles in this group: Large and Medium Rectangle.



  • Responsive – there is just one option in this group. If you choose it, the ad unit will automatically adapt its size to fit your page layout. You can use this ad size for both responsive and non-responsive sites.
  • Custom Size – here you can define a specific width and height for the new banner. However you should know that if you use this option for the ad unit it will have a limited number of display ads available, especially if standard sizes don’t fit into it. As a result, you can earn less using this ad size.


Custom Size

  • Link Ads – choose one of the offered options. The link ad units display a list of topics that are relevant to the content of your page and to the interests of your visitors. You are paid only when the visitors click on that link first and then on an ad on a page with the direct ads. AdSense allows you to integrate up to three link ad units into each page, in addition to the three content ad banners.


Link Ads

Choose the ad type

The third step is to choose an appropriate ad type. There are two ad types that can appear on your website: display and textual ads. You can choose one of the following options:

  • Text & display ads – the recommendation is to choose this option so that both ad types can appear on your website.
  • Display ads only – only the display ads (e.g., images, rich media) can appear on your website.
  • Text ads only – only the textual ads can appear on your website.
  • Matched content – you will have this option only if you own websites approved for matched content unit. To be approved your website needs to meet minimum requirements for traffic volume and number of unique pages. This ad unit is a free recommendation tool that offers you an easy way to promote your articles to your visitors. Using the matched content unit you have a possibility to increase the user loyalty, time spent on your website, page views, which might lead to more ad impressions and an increase of your ad revenue. This ad unit does not count towards your ad unit limit per page.

Ad Type

  • If you chose the Link Ads in the previous step, the ad type will be automatically set to the Links ads only.

How to set up Text ad style

The next step allows you to set the look of the textual ads on your website.

If you are new to AdSense, I would recommend to not spend too much time on over-optimization here and rather make split test of different layouts later.

In the section Text ad style you can:

  • Choose one of the predefined ad styles: Default, Colorful, Dark blue reverse, Minimalist, Neon and others. In the space below the list you can see how these ad styles will look. Use one of them if you are less experienced with AdSense.
  • Create your own ad style by clicking the button Create ad style. If you choose this option you should select a style name, border colors, title, background, text, URL and font family. The recommended choice for the font family is optimal.

I am currently running some A/B tests since we got the recommendation from AdSense to change font family to optimal for two ad units. They predict an increase of our weekly earnings by up to 10 % if we make this change. I am really curious to find out if this is really going to happen.

  • Create your own ad style by choosing a predefined ad style and edit it. To do this you should choose an appropriate predefined ad style and then click on the button Copy and edit. The procedure that follows is the same as when you want to create your own ad style.

Text ad style

Custom channels

With custom channels you can group the ad units on your website. For example you can create groups of medium rectangles or one for ad units that you run just on mobile or desktop devices.

You can also create a group of ad units that are integrated on some particular location on your website. Using custom channels you can easily track the performance of these ad groups. For example, you can later check how much you earn from the ads that are integrated on either the mobile or desktop version of your website, if you use different ad units on them.

To create a custom channel, click on the button Create new custom channel, give it some associative name and add to it all of the ad units that you want. Now save it.

When you later create a new ad unit which you want to place in the same group then just select this custom channel in the appropriate option. You can create up to 500 custom channels.

 Custom channel

Using backup ads

In the Backup ads section you can define what should show on your website if there are no targeted ads available. This way you will ensure that your advertising space is always being used efficiently.

Note: AdSense has fill rates very close to 100%, so in most cases putting much work into this option is not worth it.

You can choose one of the following options:

Backup ads

  • Show blank space – this is a default option.
  • Show other ads from another URL – there are two option here.

You can use any static image as your backup ad by entering the URL of the image in the text box. The image should be of the same size as the ad format.

You can use an HTML page as a backup ad. This option is very useful if you want to use clickable images as your backup ads. Visit the AdSense help page to learn more about this option.

Backup ads URL

  • Fill space with a solid color – choose the color you want to show in place of the ad unit.


Generate the code

The last step in your AdSense account is to generate the ad code. After choosing the options like described above you need to click on the button Save and get code:

Save and get code

Copy the generated ad code from the appearing window and paste it to the position on your website where you want to integrate this ad unit.

You can check out our WordPress plugin Advanced Ads and all of the wonderful options it offers for easy integration of the ads on your websites.

Did you find this article helpful? If you have some remarks or additional questions do not hesitate to leave a comment below.


    1. Selena Smiljanic Article Author

      Hi Zain,
      as soon as you paste the ad tag on your website and it starts to get the impressions, the status of the ad unit should change to active. From that moment you can also find this ad unit and track how it works in the performance reports in your AdSense account.

  1. Fahim Ahsan

    Firstly Thanks for sharing your great thoughts and article with us.
    This will help me very much. Actually I wanted to start earning with
    AdSense, but I’m afraid, if I apply and if they reject me, then what
    will happen? I don’t have enough money to buy/create many site. Is
    there anyway to be sure that my application will be approved?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Manoj Ku Sethi

    Hi Selena,

    Thanks very much for sharing this very important and useful article on Google Adsense. I have got my adsense account approved but after embedding into one of my website, it shows blank and google say once your website is fully activated, it will automatically start displaying.

    What is this fully activated ? Does I have to wait for more days ? How can I make my website fully activated ?

    1. Selena Smiljanic Article Author

      Hi Manoj,

      there are two steps when you apply for the AdSense. I believe that your application has passed the first step, where AdSense preliminary checks your website and your submission. Second step is to place the ad tag on the submitted website. They will review your site and make the final decision in the next several days. It is important to place the ad code on the page that receives the traffic. When the application is fully approved you will see the live ads instead of blank. You will also get the email with the final decision. Good luck!

  3. Ishu

    Hi Selena,

    I wanna know with adsense plugin wordpress do you have option to create adunits and custom channels.

    I wanna place adsense/admob on website / mobile device and for android . what should be the best strategy so it will disturb a view.

    What Size.
    Which prcatice is better creating adunit manully/custom channel and place on sidebar and contect or using wordpress plugin with admob responive.

    1. Selena Smiljanic Article Author

      Hi Ishu,

      ad units and custom channel are created in your AdSense account. Using our plugin AdvancedAds you can easily implement the ad units into your website on the position you choose. The best strategy would be to place the ad unit into the content and to choose one of the recommended ad sizes.

      1. Ishu

        Thanks selena for the reply. I will definitely contact you for more monetizing strategy and alternative s. thanks

  4. Larry Frank

    Hey Selena,
    You gave a wonderful post and guide here on creating new ad unit, I beleive this will be of help to every person using adsense on thier sites

  5. Sakshi

    Really i appreciate your work for this tutorial. You created this tutorial simple and effective with full of images. any newbie adsense user can learn easily.


  6. Darrin Benner

    Google Adsense is the best revenue advertising program but I really don’t agree that it’s the best of all. Adsense has VERY strictly rules and may ban you even if you didn’t do anything to get that ban and the worst thing is, you cannot appeal (you can but you won’t get your account back).

    Infolinks- this is probably the worst advertising media, it has ONLY facebook ads and they are really untargeted that’s why I really don’t recommend this media, really bad.
    Adsense wins if you can have your account.

  7. Govind

    i submitted my wesite for goggle adsense, now i got approval to create ad..i read your article to create my first ad but as you intrructed here i dont see any ad size… can you tell me what need to be done.

    1. Selena Smiljanic Article Author

      Hi Govind,
      if I understood correctly, you do not have drop down menu where you should choose the ad size. Is that correct? Which browser do you use? You can test if you have this option with some other browser like Chrome and IE.

  8. Emebu

    Hi Selena,

    This tutorial is very helpful mostly for the newbies. Thanks for taking time to come up with this.

    – Emebu

  9. Rosie Lukaszczyk

    You gave a wonderful post and guide here on creating new ad unit, I believe this will be of help to every person using ad sense on their sites

  10. Ashley Jones

    My adsense account had disabled due to invalid click activity since 13 Oct 2015. I have appealed 2 times but it rejected, i never tried to violate any of terms & conditions of adsense. Tell me please can i apply for adsense through another email address for the same blogs. If not then recommend me best alternatives of adsense.

    1. Selena Smiljanic Article Author

      Hi Ashley, I am sorry to hear that. Few months ago I read about an interesting solution to get back your AdSense account here. Hope this will help you. As for the best AdSense alternative, I recommend you to test Sulvo.


    Thanks a great deal for sharing this vital and helpful article on Google Adsense. I even have got my adsense account approved however when embedding into one amongst my web site, it shows blank and google say once your web site is totally activated, it’ll mechanically begin displaying.

    1. Selena Smiljanic Article Author

      Hi there,
      that is the last step when applying for AdSense account. After placing the ad tag, AdSense will review your site and make the final decision. If they fully approve your application you will get the notification and the live ads will be delivered instead of blanks. Good luck!

  12. Janelle Lineisy

    I added the AdSense widget to my blog on Blogger and ad unit in AdSense. Do I need to do both these things to get ads on my blog? I also got an ad code. Where do I place the ad code on my blog?

    1. Thomas Maier

      I am not familiar with the way Blogger adds AdSense, but you probably need the ad units code from AdSense.

  13. Grace Joseph

    One feature i never knew existed on the adsense dashboard or was possible to do was backing up ads. Thanks for the steps outlined here, they’re simple and precise. Customizing of the adsense style can also help in improving ctr, i hope others will also find these steps useful.

    1. Selena Smiljanic Article Author

      Hi Joan,
      I would not say that AdSense is a new revenue generation since Google launched AdSense program in the first quarter of 2003 :-). Outbrain is similar to Taboola and they both work in a different way than AdSense. They offer a native advertising (related content links).

  14. Cek Kuota

    Hi Selena,

    Thanks very much for sharing this very important and useful article on Google Adsense. This will help me very much. As newbie adsense I can learn easily.

    Thanks in advance,

  15. Sebastian Matthew

    Hi selena, your amazing step by step guide about creation of new adsense ad unit was excellent. Thnaks for this great information. This is really helpful for me.

    1. Selena Smiljanic Article Author

      Hi Ammy, you are allowed to have up to three standard AdSense ad units per page. In addition to this you can have up to three AdSense link units and two search boxes.

  16. ammy

    salena, please advise me . Because, on of my friend had told me that you can run only three ads on your website at a time.

    1. Selena Smiljanic Article Author

      Hi Ammy, AdSense allows you to run up to three ad units per page, not per website.

  17. Shiddieq Kuya Hejo

    Thanks very much for sharing this very important and useful article on Google Adsense. I have got my adsense account approved but after embedding into one of my website, it shows blank and google say once your website is fully activated, it will automatically start displaying.

    1. Thomas Maier

      Yes, this is exactly what is going to happen. Someone from AdSense will review your site manually, has to see how the ads are implemented and then approves or rejects it. If you are approved, ads will start to show.

    1. Thomas Maier

      It will not perform exactly the same, since you determine the sizes manually and not AdSense automatically. This could either increase or decrease your earnings and needs individual testing.

  18. Victoria

    Hi, I have just set up a viral site and adding adsense ads, my question is please, do I need to create a set of new ads for each new post so I can track which posts make money? If so it seems a very long winded process, thank you.

    1. Thomas Maier

      Hi Victory, it is an intersting problem, but instead of setting up individual ads per blog, you can either connect AdSense with Analytics or use URL channels to track revenue per url.

    1. Selena Smiljanic Article Author

      Hi Nath, that is really an interesting problem. What you can do is to open your AdSense account using some other browser. Hope this will help you.

    1. Selena Smiljanic Article Author

      Hi Jannifer, those are link units from AdSense. You just need to choose Link Ads when choosing ad size.

  19. BenchResources.Net

    Hi Selena,

    Thanks for this wonderful article !!

    If possible, can you take a look at my website BenchResources.Net and guide whether placed ad units are in correct position according to Google policies for optimization. If otherwise, can you suggest changes and drop an email at BenchResources.Net@gmail.com


    1. Selena Smiljanic Article Author

      Hi there, the ad positions on your website comply with the AdSense policy. However you should definitely test some other position beside sidebar. Usually the ads in content earn more that the sidebar ads.

  20. Peter Salvatore

    Thank you very much for the usefull information, my ad is still in new mode , and I can not see it on my pages, do I have to put between tags or somewhere else and also is it normal that I dont see the ads on my pages

    Many thanks


    1. Selena Smiljanic Article Author

      Hi Peter, status NEW means the unit has not been used. If you added this recently and it has not made any impressions, it would be NEW. Once the ad unit gets impressions, it would change to ACTIVE. You need to check if you have implemented the ad unit in a proper way. Hope this helps.

  21. Peter Salvatore

    Many thanks Selena,

    The thing is I dont see the add on my web site, ist it normal or is it something else I am doing wrong , I just created the add from ads menu copy the code and paste it in between head tags do I have to put in between body tags and I didnt create any container and paste in it between div tags
    do I have to create it

    Many thanks


  22. Peter Salvatore

    thank you, I have heard something I don’t know if its correct or not, if the ad is on new then you don’t see it on your web site when the status becomes active then it appears on the web, is this correct, because I have had an email which your adsense is approved but is there another review for ads

    thank you


    1. Selena Smiljanic Article Author

      If your AdSense application has been approved then you should see ads after you implement them. If you do not see them, it means that the implementation has not been done in the right way. The status NEW just means that ad has not got any impressions yet. As soon as it starts to get impressions the status will automatically change to ACTIVE. Please use our contact form if you have any additional questions regarding this matter. Thank you.