Do you shy away from help because you do not know the final cost? Us, too. That is why we decided to offer you 3, set-fee packages.

Full Review

What we do for you:
We review your ad setup from one or more ad networks or ad server setup (e.g., Google DFP) and give you extended, actionable suggestions on improvements.
What you get:
AdSense Review
actionable suggestions
other ad networks
30-minute talk
answers to your questions

AdSense Review

What we do for you:
We review your AdSense setup and stats, and send you our report with actionable items to increase your revenue.
What you get:
insights into your AdSense accounts
actionable suggestions
policy check
answers to your questions


What we do for you:
Discuss your project, ideas or setup
What you get:
One-hour consultation on Skype, Hangout or Chat

Threw a curve ball with this job and Thomas met every aspect of it and beyond. I’m very happy with his work and recommend him to everyone who requires his expertise.

Michael D.about a custom AdSense job

About the Full Review

This review is for you if you already have advanced ad setups using more than one ad network or even an ad server like OpenX or Google DoubleClick.

What you get:

  • individual, written report (approx. 4-7 pages)
  • review of 1 or 2 ad accounts (e.g., ad networks like AdSense, affiliate networks, or even ad server setups like Google DoubleClick
  • actionable items divided into short- and long-term actions
  • how-tos on some of the suggested actions
  • suggestions for additional ad networks that might better fit your site
  • 30-minute talk (Skype, Hangout, Chat) to discuss our report or answer your questions

We have only 1 spot per week reserved for Full Reviews on a first-come, first-served basis.

It’s my turn!

About the AdSense Review

This is for you if you want to generate more revenue from their AdSense ads.

What you get:

  • individual, written report (approx. 2-4 pages)
  • review of your current ad setup
  • review of good and weak parts in your ad performance
  • warnings about possible violations of the AdSense TOS
  • actionable items divided into short- and long-term actions
  • how-tos on some of the suggested actions
  • answers to your AdSense related questions within the review

We have only 3 spots per week reserved for AdSense Reviews. First come, first served.

Let me be next!

Other offers

Monetization support for a commission

We reserve time for only a few websites that we constantly support to increase their income. Our fee: a commission from the increased income. Contact us for more details.

I’m interested – tell me more

Plugin fixes and features with 50% off

A lot of you are using our free WordPress plugins that we share with the community. Unfortunately, we have limited time for support and feature requests. Since we still love what we share with you, we have a special deal for every project connected with one of our free plugins: If we use the fix or feature you pay us for in a later release, you will get a 50% discount on the price.

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