Did you ever forget to add the source to an image file in the frontend and the lawyer of the copyright holder knocked on your door?

The WordPress plugin Image Source Control (ISC) helps to prevent this situation. The plugin adds various fields to include image sources and copyright notices to images in WordPress. You can display a list of image sources with a shortcode or a function directly in your theme.

Please visit the ISC manual to learn how it works.

Image Source Lists

You can choose between different image source list types:

  • source as image caption/overlay
  • source list below the content
  • combined source list of all images

Frontend Features

  • display sources for images in content, galleries, shortcodes and featured images
  • show image source directly in the image (not working with all images and themes)
  • include a list with all images and their sources of the current page/post
  • include a list with all images and their sources with all images or only those included in posts
  • attach lists to automatically or using shortcodes or template functions
  • display image sources on archive pages

Backend Features

  • manage image source within media dashboard
  • manage image source within the Image block
  • mark an image to belong to the uploader
  • lists images with missing sources in the backend
  • warnings, if image source is missing
  • link sources to any url
  • manage, display and link licences


Image Source Control is free and can be downloaded from wordpress.org => Image Source Control.


If you have a question regarding how Imace Source Control works, please visit the manual.

If you need a fast and individual support, please contact us. For problems and ideas you want to discuss with other users please use the support function of the plugin on wordpress.org if.