You can reach the screen to edit an image source through through these ways:

  • Media Library and image upload
  • Through the Missing Sources page
  • The Media page of an image

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Edit Image Source

This is how the image source edit section for an image looks like (or similar).

image source settings
Image Source Edit section

Media Library and image upload

Whether you manage or upload an image through the Media Library or directly within the post edit screen, when clicking on the image thumbnail, you should see all meta field of the image sources on the right side of the image screen.

Through Missing Sources page

Go to Media > Missing Sources.

Here you find images that don’t have a source yet. Simply click on the image title to go to the image edit page where the image source settings are located.

Through Media Library

WordPress 4.0 and higher

  1. Go to Media > Library.
  2. Click on the image thumbnail
  3. Click the link Edit more details.

WordPress prior to 4.0

  1. Go to Media > Library.
  2. Click on the image title