Find information on how to list image sources in the frontend of your site on this page. You can use three methods:

  1. List image sources of a specific post
  2. List image source of the whole site
  3. List image source of a single image
  4. List image source of the featured image

Images sources list of a specific post/page

There are three possibilities to manually display image sources of a post in the frontend.

  • automatically below the content
  • shortcode you can enter in the content field
  • a function you can add to your template file.

Automatic list below the content

You can list the image sources automatically below a post, page or another post type with images in it. Just activate the method “list below content” on the settings page.


You can simple write this shortcode into the content editor of your post or page to display the list of image sources of this post or page on the position you put it. The shortcode is fairly simple.


Template function

If you want to list the images on more than a few posts and pages and therefore include it into your template, you can open the template file and write the following code where you want to display the list later:

<?php if( function_exists('isc_list') ) { isc_list(); } ?>

The list included the title of the image and the author. In case you marked the “This is my image” checkbox, the image author will be uniform for all of your images. This will be addressed in a later version of the plugin.

For any further question, please visit the support forum on to ask.

List image sources of the whole site

ISC also provides a shortcode to list all image sources of the whole blog and its posts and pages. You can also limit the number of image sources per page and so create a paginated list. The table includes the image title, the post it is attached to and the author.

Use the following shortcode to list all images.


Use the attribute ‘per_page’ to list only a limited number of image sources per page (here: 25).

[isc_list_all per_page="25"]

Use the attribute ‘includes’ to display not only images attached to posts, but all images from the media gallery.

[isc_list_all included="all"]

List single image source

To list a single image source in the frontend / in your template, use this function:

<?php if( function_exists('isc_image_source') ) { isc_image_source($att_id); } ?>

$att_id  is the id of the image in the media library

List image source of the featured image

Use the following function to list the image source of the featured image / thumbnail of a post in your template (single page or archive pages within the loop):

<?php if( function_exists('isc_thumbnail_source') ) { isc_thumbnail_source($post_id); } ?>

$post_id  is the id of the post. You can leave this empty when you use the function within the loop.