How to make money with your (WordPress) project

Thomas Maier – WordCamp Slovensko 2014

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I am going to talk about

How to monetize?

Displaying ads


you might need

a lot of traffic

are you willing to go on for 1€/1000 page views?

a topic

are you willing to sell your soul?

a generous audience

are you willing to penetrate them?

Which ad network?

or sell ad space directly



pro Affiliate

contra Affiliate

Selling offpage things and services

e.g. blogging about yourself

Selling onpage services

Why WordPress?

Tools in WordPress

AdSense and Affiliate Themes and Plugins

Plugins: AdRotate, Simple Ads Manager, Quick AdSense
Themes for portfolios, classified ads, auctions, etc.

BlockAlyzer – for AdBlock counting

WordPress is just the platform your success is build on

Thank you and good luck!

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How to make money with WordPress in Slovensko?

How much you can earn from AdSense?

some US based benchmarks for ad income
probably lower in Slovakia

$0,25 – $3 RPM for unspecific, generic content
mostly because people don’t click anymore

$1 – $10 RPM for content-rich sites, e.g. blogs
people click more often and visitors interests might match ad content

$10 to a lot more for product-related sites
ad content and site content are aligned