WordPress multisites are a great way to manage multiple individual websites from within one installation of WordPress or to create a translated website like webgilde.com. Especially for multilingual websites there are a lot of plugins already solving most of the issues you might face. Anyway, there was still one problem unsolved: translating the author information.

In WordPress multisites, each individual site has its own content tables. The only content shared are the user information. Since many blogs show the author description below a post, like we do on webgilde.com, the text is normally untranslated. This is destroying the impression of a perfectly translated website. To solve this problem, we developed Individual Multisite Author, a small WordPress plugin that helps you translate the author description. This is a rather small plugin, so this page contains all the information you need.

Individual Multisite Author on wordpress.org

Use cases

This plugin is a must have for WordPress multisite if:

  • single sites have different languages, so use IMA to translate the author description
  • single sites have different topics but the same authors who want to present themselves on each site differently


adds extra fields to user profile pages in backend (see below)


hooks into the_author_meta() and get_the_author_meta() functions and so works everywhere these functions are used (like on author pages or below posts in most themes)

uses the normal author description if not provided for a site


You can Download Individual Multisite Author on wordpress.org.


Currently, we don’t see any features missing. You might want to individualize some other information, like the authors name or url. Let us know if you do in the support forum.

You can also add bug reports or even provide your own code using the github repository.