I am using Easy Digital Downloads to sell our plugins Advanced Ads and Image Source Control. I might have been an early adopter of their recurring payment feature since 2016 and have developed extensive reporting over the years to see the status of subscriptions.

Due to the amount of custom code we’ve built over the years, we only recently updated to EDD 3.x. After most of the dust had settled, I finally had time to start converting my custom reports into the format of their new reports.

The EDD team has done a great job. I built this report in a few hours thanks to using existing reports as a template. The next ones will take significantly less time.

The first report was the most important to me, mainly due to the upcoming Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale. I wanted to know when and how many automatic renewals kick in to plan support staff accordingly. Of course, I was also curious to see how much revenue is potentially coming in from subscriptions as a baseline.

So this is how it looks – with dummy data 🙂

Upcoming renewals report for EDD.

Find the link to this plugin at the bottom of this post.

The Upcoming Renewals report works only with dates in the future. It contains the following information:

  • The number of upcoming renewals. These are “active” subscriptions.
  • Net earnings from these subscriptions.
  • Taxes
  • Gross revenue
  • Renewal retention. This is the percentage of “active” subscriptions compared to all due subscriptions. In the example above, the churn rate is 30 %.
  • Net earnings retention. The due revenue from “active” subscriptions.

I have seen renewal retention based on the number of subscriptions and the revenue being slightly different. If the revenue retention is higher, this could mean that the users who pay more keep their subscriptions longer. Maybe those customers are already happy with your product and purchased a license with more activations.

The retention is also dropping the closer the renewal date comes since they have more time to remember and cancel it. You will probably see a drop also when you send renewal reminders out like we do, seven days before automatic renewal.

Download the plugin file

The plugin comes without guarantees. But I would appreciate a thank you on Twitter or any other network you can find me in. Send me an email if you find a bug.

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